Shipping law and Ship Registration

Our Firm can provide assistance with the registration of vessels under the Cypriot and other flags and purchase of ships and yachts, the provision of administrative services to ship owning and chartering companies as well as securing of finance and advice on rights attached to vessels.

We can offer highly specialised advice in relation to the taxation of ship owning and ship management companies as well as application of double taxation agreements. 

The following are some of the advantages for registering a shipping company in Cyprus:

  • Member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth and the Council of Europe
  • Democratic country with a free market economy
  • Strategic location at the crossroads of three continents
  • Modern and efficient legal, accounting and banking services based on English practices
  • Double Tax Treaties with 40 countries
  • Signatory to numerous international maritime conventions
  • Extensive network of bilateral agreements through which Cypriot ships receive either national
    or favoured nation treatment in the ports of other countries
  • Competitive ship registration costs and annual tonnage taxes
  • Full protection for financiers and mortgages
  • Favourable tax regime for ship management and other offshore enterprises
  • Low set up and operating costs
  • Excellent telecommunications and easy access by air and sea
  • Highly qualified managerial, clerical and technical staff available