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Re-Domiciliation to Cyprus

Re-domiciliation is the process through which a company can shift its domicile from one jurisdiction to another, by changing the country under ...

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DAC 6 - A summary...

DAC6 has introduced reporting requirements for primary and secondary intermediaries, as well as taxpayers, relating to cross border arrangements, ...

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Brexit creates opportunities for the Cyprus economy

Cyprus as an alternative destination for UK companies seeking to export services to the EU.

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Alternative Investment Funds

You may view below our full brochure on Alternative Investment Funds:

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The Cyprus IP Regime

In today’s modern world, Intellectual Property is one of the most valuable assets of a business, hence the decision to choose a country to host ...

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The Cyprus International Trusts Law of 1992 (the “Law”) has finally been amended by the Cyprus International Trusts (Amending) Law of 2012 ...

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