Formation services: Our Firm can undertake all work in relation to the incorporation of Cyprus companies, Cyprus branches, partnerships, trusts and other specialized vehicles in Cyprus. It may also assist with the re- domiciliation of foreign companies in Cyprus and vice-versa.
The Firm also maintains an extensive list of ready-made (shelf) companies to accommodate the urgent needs of its clients which are available for immediate acquisition/use. It may also assist with the formation/acquisition of foreign offshore companies.

Our group has strategic alliances in the most important and recognized business
jurisdictions worldwide. Through our global network of representative offices and associates we offer a "one stop service" for clients wishing to establish operation in an international business centre. We offer these services for Cyprus , Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Samoa, Seychelles, Malta, United Kingdom, United States and others.

Fiduciary services: Where complete confidentiality is desired and at the request of the owners we can provide, through our secretarial company, nominee shareholders and directors (limitations may apply). We can also provide the registered office of the company as well as full secretarial services and corporate support.

Administration services: Through the Firm's secretarial company, assistance is provided with the administration of the day-to-day affairs of the company in accordance with the wishes of the client. We may undertake on behalf of these managed companies other activities which may be required such as invoicing, documents preparation and operations of company bank accounts consistent with the wishes of the owners. We may also assist in obtaining in Cyprus the necessary certificates for the grant and renewal of employment permits for the company's expatriate personnel.

Banking assistance services: We maintain excellent relations with all major banking institutions in Cyprus and we can assist our clients with opening and administering their bank accounts, obtaining debit/credit cards and with their other banking needs.

Accountancy Services: Through the Firm's secretarial company, our clients may be offered complete accountancy services, such as bookkeeping on a computerized accounting system and preparation of periodic trial balances and other management reports as appropriate. Moreover as part of our services and involvement we undertake to liaise between the auditors of the company and our clients.

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